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The woman who gave me life.

My mother is your typical, loud-mouthed, Asian woman. She religiously shops at Ross, works as a full-time nurse, and tries to get almost anything–you name it–with a discount. As obnoxious and irritating she can be at times, I still love her. Just a couple months ago, I recently discovered some old, untouched photo albums in her closet. There she was–this 90 lb., fashionably-dressed young woman, smoking cigarettes, dancing with boys, hanging out with friends, and drinking wine. Out of all this, the biggest surprise–for me–was her wardrobe. My mom is not the type of person to shop. She wears frumpy clothes, chooses “comfortable clothes” over anything, and won’t buy a shirt for more than 5 dollars.

But my mom in these pictures were a different story. I envied her. I saw myself in her.Why? Not only because we look identical (despite the fact that I am a good 3-4 inches taller than her), but also because her style is something I’ve always wanted to emulate: timeless, fun, and classic. When I saw these pictures I immediately asked if she had any of these clothes stowed away in boxes. Unfortunately, most of them are all gone, but I managed to find a few things she still had: a rabbit fur coat, a few vintage sweaters, a fitted petite-sized blazer, some heels (2 sizes too small), and a pair of boots.

One thing I also enjoyed about browsing through the albums was seeing how her style progressed throughout the years In her photos taken throughout the ’70s, she rocked the bell bottoms, interesting floral patterns, and huge sunglasses. She went from mullet-inspired hair, to short bobbed hair, to crazy jerry curls, to huge ’90s hair.

Her styling to me, was impeccable. The details of her outfit, from red shoes, to a little gold belt around her waste, to a sash around her waste, pulled everything together. I wonder if everyone in her time period dressed this hip. Or if she was considered a very well-dressed young woman? Or if she was considered a poorly-dressed young woman? One thing I do know is that the pieces she wore definitely are making come-backs. I can look at some of these pieces and think, “that looks exactly like a dress I saw at _________.” But better, of course.

More pictures:

My mom traveling in Europe. She used to work as a nurse in Austria and you can definitely see how her style changed by living there.

One of my favorite outfits for several reasons–the chiffon-looking blouse, the styling of the belt around her waste, and the shape of those shoes.

I found that coat she’s wearing in her closet. I love it, but since it’s not faux fur, I feel guilty for wearing it.

Check out that hair. Haha. I like how she accentuates her natural waste by putting that gold belt around the over-sized shirt. I found that belt hiding in her closet as well.

I have a lot more pictures that I want to show you guys, but some of them are too small. I’m going to have to re-scan them and I’ll look for more pictures in her old photo albums

But to end things, here’s a Polaroid picture of my momma.



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