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Mitra Fabian

I took a trip yesterday to San Francisco to see  Mitra Fabian’s solo exhibition “Concentric” at the Don Soker Contemporary Art gallery. Despite the fact that it was pouring rain anywhere you stop along I 80 I really wanted to see this show. Mitra, who is an old professor and somewhat of a mentor of mine from Sac City college, is a sculpture artist who works with various atypical materials. It seems that tape and plastic film materials and large organic forms are a common thread in her work. In “Concentric” her delicate pieces are perfectly contrasted by the gallery’s decaying, urban interior. There was a lot to take in with in the space, and everything calls for a considerable amount of attention. Especially the large floor installation titled “Into the Deep” which was made of over a mile of black tape, and the extremely fragile glass vile sculptures. So if you happen to be in the area the show is up until April 14th. Check it out.

Some links:

Mitra Fabian’s website

Don Soker gallery



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