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In the Mission.

I went to visit my friend Robert a few days ago in San Francisco. Traffic was terrible right when I got onto I 80, and with a cracked radiator (among other car troubles I’ve recently discovered) I neglected the blessings of my air conditioner. However, once I got to the Bay area, and the cool ocean breeze had dried my sweat, it was just a half hour Bart ride from El Cerrito into the city.

Robert, a good friend of mine since high school, moved to San Francisco shortly after he graduated from cosmetology school earlier this year, and after months of couch surfing he has finally found a perfect dwelling space in the Mission District.

Robert along with our friend Rose, Rachael, his roommates, and me went to see his roommate’s band, Sun Waves, play at this hip café/laundry mat, got food, and then got drunk off late night mimosas. The next day before heading home we spent a few hours walking around the Mission getting tacos and coffee, thrifting, and taking pictures of the amazing artwork seen on almost EVERY building. We also talked about our new found philosophies, new people in our lives, those who we admire, and how happy we are to have our tight knit of friends. In all it was a fully enjoyable trip for me, and it only lasted a little over 24 hours.



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