How I Like My Men

Most girls would answer the question “What’s your type?” as tall, dark, and handsome. Okay, maybe not. But that’s the typical answer that comes to mind. Nowadays, it’s not even about that. I guess you can say it’s about what kind of clothes he wears, what color are his eyes, “swag” (You will never catch me using that word, ever.), Does he have good hygiene? Does he have nice hair? Is he my style?

I’m not going to lie. I get tired of the played-out plaid shirt or v-neck, kind-of-slim-jeans, and vans/some-expensive-shoe-you-bought combo that guys have nowadays. Hey, guys, A little more creativity would be nice?

I recall watching this old 1940’s film not too long ago and wondering why more guys didn’t dress nicer. Even the poor people in the movie were dressed more gentleman-ly than most guys today. Why?! How I wish I were a woman in the 1940s-50s because the were able to ogle over men like this:

Marlon Brando

James Dean.

A style icon who introduced the staple denim, white shirt, and leather. His look quite possibly started the fitted, classic-with-an-edge look. For example:

Zac Efron (post High School Musical, thank god) in GQ

James Franco. Probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to James Dean.

Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) He may be a douche, but at least he dresses like a gentleman? If you’re an avid gossip girl fan like I am, you’ll know he is perfect.

Shia Lebouf. I kind of fell in love with him after reading his profile piece in DETAILS here.

Arthur Kulkov. Favorite J. Crew model (of course)

Chace Crawford. (> Zac Efron)

Francisco Lachowski’s hair.

Joseph Gordon LevittLeonardo DiCaprio via the 1990s. (as Jack Dawson)

This guy’s not so bad.

This guy’s not so bad either.

This list can go on. Okay, so this is coming off to be pretty vain and superficial. But first impression/looks are what reels a person in, right? Don’t get me wrong, above all, a guy should be respectful, level-headed, honest, sweet, romantic, and (insert any other virtuous word here), but I like my men classy, for the most part.

These are my do’s and don’ts for guys:

DON’T wear flip flops. What’re you thinking? No one wants to see your hairy toes. Save them for the beach.

DO have some variety. I get tired of v-necks and skinny jeans.

DO wear things that fit you properly. Emo boys, enough with the girl jeans! For the most part, it’s not flattering. And it is also unecessary to wear shirts/pants 2 XL.

DON’T wear Ed Hardy. No need for explanation.

DON’T think that buy expensive clothes makes you look cooler. Abercrombie and Fitch rips you off and gets like 300% profit for shitty quality.

DO smell nice.

DO get hair cuts. Clean is better than scruff.

DON’T solely shop at Urban Outfitters. Not saying I don’t love UO.

I am in love with the timeless look. And it’s not even hard to do. My dad’s an old man, and he still loves the classics like Ralph Lauren and loafers. For starters, maybe you can tuck in your button-up from PacSun and add a belt. Or roll up your pants. Or get a nice haircut. Or wear a watch and good man accessories (like so). Or wear desert boots or Sperry Topsiders instead of Vans.  Or go into Arden Mall’s (for all your Sacramento citizens) J. Crew and ask for Thomas or Daniel. Or start reading GQ magazine.

I don’t know much about men’s fashion. Maybe can Daniel and elaborate more. But I do know that classy is key. Being a gentlemen also means dressing like a gentlemen. When you grow up into a man (if you aren’t already), hopefully you won’t be wearing cargo shorts and plaid shirts the rest of your life. So why not start now?

(More eye candy on my tumblr)

❤ Jamie

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2 responses to “How I Like My Men

  1. I just found this post while searching Ed Westwick. Your rules seem fair enough, but isn’t it amazing how one can be attracted to a person in spite of glaring style faux pas? I’ve been attracted to women who had the WORST haircuts…but they had something else that was just irresistible.

  2. Definitely! All in all, Personality > Superficial things.

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