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Jamie’s Summer 2011

Apologies for my lack of posts, and apologies to Daniel for not keeping up with his posts.

I always love when the season changes, especially when it’s my favorite season: summer. I’ve had to re-do my wardrobe since I’ve stocked up on layering pieces with thick materials from winter. This summer I’m all about the pastel colors, light-weight pleats, chiffon material, high-waist bottoms, rounded collars, and hats. My wish list: 

Credit:, pixie market, Chloe, Les Composantes, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jeffrey Campbell, Silent Sundays, J. Crew.


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Sasquatch Music Festival 2011

My friend Monique and I embarked on a 24 hour train ride from San Jose to Seattle two weeks ago. Our destination was the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge amphitheater. It was finally here and we were on our way. Still a little stressed out, but with each obstacle we conquered we knew we would be completely at ease once we made it to the venue. The cards all fell perfectly in to place for us, and Thursday night Monique, myself and our new friend Christian from Olympia, WA set up camp and joined in on the massive party that ensued that night (and all of the other massive parties that took place throughout the weekend).

Throughout the weekend we survived on free Soy Joys, took vital naps, resisted the high alcohol prices, and just enjoyed ourselves. It is astonishing to me that nothing went wrong. Well minor inconveniences, but they were completely over shadowed by the music, the scenery, and making new friends.

The whole trip was an unbelievable and rewarding experience. There was so much good energy all around, and everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. We met so many cool, genuine people (mostly Canadians, citizens of Washington state, and our chipper, young camping neighbors) that it felt like we were welcomed from the start. Travelling back the two of us questioned what we were going to do with ourselves when we got home. It was just too epic. I’m really glad I decided to fucking do it. Months of anticipation, saving money, stress, and heavy travelling was worth it.

Top five sets:


The Head and The Heart

The Flaming Lips


Beach House

Monique and I took so many pictures that I think we are going to make a Flickr account to put them all in. I’ll post the link when we do that.


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