Women’s Spring 2011

Alright, alright. I’m completely aware that Daniel just posted a blog about Fall 2011, and I feel like this was a little too late. But better late than never, right? I can’t get too excited about Fall 2011 yet because it’s spring. This probably wont be as detail-oriented as Daniel’s previous post, but I’ll do my best. Rather than list by complete collections, I’m mainly going to include my personal favorite looks.

Steven Alan’s Spring 2011 consisted of a lot of relaxed, vacation-y feel clothes that kept the “sensibility of New York” style.  I always appreciate simple shapes and staple pieces that can be re-used season to season.  I didn’t like every single look, but I had a couple favorites, including this one. Honestly, I think that hat is what I love most.

To Be Adored Spring/Summer 2011 ‘s vintage appeal and soft, neutral color scheme  kept me interested while looking through the lookbook. The flow-y material that was used coupled with that dusty rose color is a flawless match.

Even though floral prints can get a little played out, I really like the far left look from Sessun Spring 2011. The playfulness of the collection with it’s bold colors are perfect for the spring weather.

I think the shoes deserve a mention and its own picture.

What were your favorites?





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