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My buddy Mike and I went on another backpacking trip for spring break. It’s still snowing up north so we decided to go coastal this time. Just north of San Francisco to Point Reyes we went. The scenery was beautiful, the air clean, and the terrain unforgiving. After a grueling 10.4 mile hike to the campgrounds we felt little desire to actually touch the ocean or build a proper fire. We cooked our freeze dried meals, let our feet stop crying, and just fucking chilled till bed time. A six mile hike back to the truck in the morning and a two hour drive home we made it back in one piece.

Heres a few pics.



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Women’s Spring 2011

Alright, alright. I’m completely aware that Daniel just posted a blog about Fall 2011, and I feel like this was a little too late. But better late than never, right? I can’t get too excited about Fall 2011 yet because it’s spring. This probably wont be as detail-oriented as Daniel’s previous post, but I’ll do my best. Rather than list by complete collections, I’m mainly going to include my personal favorite looks.

Steven Alan’s Spring 2011 consisted of a lot of relaxed, vacation-y feel clothes that kept the “sensibility of New York” style.  I always appreciate simple shapes and staple pieces that can be re-used season to season.  I didn’t like every single look, but I had a couple favorites, including this one. Honestly, I think that hat is what I love most.

To Be Adored Spring/Summer 2011 ‘s vintage appeal and soft, neutral color scheme  kept me interested while looking through the lookbook. The flow-y material that was used coupled with that dusty rose color is a flawless match.

Even though floral prints can get a little played out, I really like the far left look from Sessun Spring 2011. The playfulness of the collection with it’s bold colors are perfect for the spring weather.

I think the shoes deserve a mention and its own picture.

What were your favorites?




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5 Albums

My top 5 albums. I don’t consider myself a professional in music in any way, shape, or form. It’s all solely based on my personal preference and liking. I think from my selection, it’s obvious I’ve been into that surf punk-pop, 1960s-feel type of music, and then some.

1) King of the Beach by Wavves

I am completely enamored with the song “Green Eyes,” but I wish he were singing “Brown eyes.”

2) Cape Dory Tennis

My boyfriend introduced me to the song “Take me Somewhere” while I was on a downloading spree, and ever since then, this album has been on repeat. Perfect summer-time music.

3) Swimming French Kicks


4) She and Him: Volume One  She and Him

Zooey’s voice will always woo me.

5) Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend

Still my fave album of theirs’.



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