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Jamie’s to-buy list:

Okay, I guess every girl (or guy) has a right to be materialistic here and there. When the seasons start changing, my to-buy list always fills up quickly. And it’s not too lengthy since it is a to-buy list and not a wish list.

Suckered Gingham Shirt (J.Crew) I’ve been wanting one since last year, but they always sell out at the store. ┬áIt’s light-weight for the hot weather.

Medium Gingham bow tie (J. Crew) I think I just like this a lot because it’s medium. I think I would be able to pull it off more since it’s smaller than a regular-sized one, and would seem a little more feminine. This is why I love the whole “borrowed from the boys” look.

Silk Blythe Blouse in Fresh Apricot/White (J. Crew, of course) I’m not really a fan of pink, but dusty rose or apricot is my go-to color. I like the mix of utilitarian work wear pockets and the flowy silk feminine material.

Vera Wang’s Princess. When I used to live with my sister, I would secretly use hers all the time.

Essie’s Haute as Hello

BDG hi-rise grazer cigarette jean

Women’s Sperry Top-sider Boat shoes in Sahara I already bought the J.crew Platinum ones, but I wanted brown because they go with everything.

My next pet. Does anyone know where I can buy a floppy eared bunny and how much they are?


Forgot to add the new Polaroid camera. I guess my 5 dollar OG Polaroid camera from the thrift store is useless now that they no longer manufacture 600 film. I’ve searched everywhere, so I guess I must give in.



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Second round.

Re-activated our formspring account because the chacha account had way too much spam.

love/hate letters can go to:



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Beginning of 2011 things.

Books. Men-inspired women’s wear. AP style book. D. Keeks. Boy. Trying to play guitar. J. Crew.

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