Confessions of a non-fashion blogger.

The creation of this blog was born from an idea. The purpose of blogging for me was an outlet for writing and to keep my hands nimble. Yea, it’s  part-hobby but it is also something I consider a means for work. Call me a workaholic.

Whenever I am not doing something, I always try to find something to do. As much as I hate being overwhelmed, I will always find something extra to do.  And this blog was something of that nature.

As much as I secretly wish I was, I am no fashion blogger. Yes, I love clothes and shoes like any other girl.  Yes, I love to dress snazzy sometimes. Yes, I developed my own particular style, but I am no Rumi Neely . Not in a million years would I be able to  do the whole tossled-long-hair-head-tilted-to-the-side-hand-on-hip-weathered-and-torn-skimpy-sexy-clothing-partially-nude-Lookbook-superstar-slash-model look. It’s just not me.

Fashion is not my life. But clothing and style are things I do appreciate and would like to learn more about. With that said, I want to start showing who I am and the things I like. Forgive me for not posting nipply sexy pictures of myself in ripped midriff tops, but maybe you will kind of like my taste in simple shapes, classic, maybe grandma-ish stuff. (I recall someone telling me that the place I work at had grandmas clothes).  I will prove you wrong, damn it!

Lastly, I just hope you appreciate my writing because that’s what it’s mainly about for me.

P.S if you want to learn how to pick up on a hipster girl here’s some tips. HA.



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