Daniel and Jamie (sometimes) Blog?

I sincerely and regretfully do apologize to Daniel and all you readers. I have been slacking off and have not been honest to myself and have broken the oath I made to myself and this blog–to write and to write religiously.

Although I have had the time to edit Daniel’s grammatically incorrect drafts of blogs and post them, I have been at a loss for words. Daniel is obviously a person who can write (and write well) about fashion; however, that is not necessarily my forte and I naturally don’t feel comfortable writing about such topics. Sure, I can style clothes well, but I am no fashion blogger, no siree.

I recently walked for local and indie fashion designer Niki Kangas at Sacramento News and Review’s Third Saturday event. It was the first time I’ve ever walked for a show and since I am no model (I only do it for those I know and politely ask), it could have easily been nerve-wracking. The other models were, I’m sure, seasoned pros, who used jargon such as “Model Mayhem.” Do I have a Model Mayhem? No. Do I plan to get one? Probably not. Although I felt like a rookie,  I appreciated the work and talent that Niki put into the clothes and show.

Her clothes have a care-free and vintage feel to it with interesting patterns.

Her line is Junkyard Buccaneer and her Etsy is here.

Sacramento Press here.

Anyways, thanks to the readers out there. I’m honestly surprised to see that we actually have readers or an audience. But I’m honestly grateful, too.



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