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Our Etsy shop is finally open!!!

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Daniel and Jamie (sometimes) Blog?

I sincerely and regretfully do apologize to Daniel and all you readers. I have been slacking off and have not been honest to myself and have broken the oath I made to myself and this blog–to write and to write religiously.

Although I have had the time to edit Daniel’s grammatically incorrect drafts of blogs and post them, I have been at a loss for words. Daniel is obviously a person who can write (and write well) about fashion; however, that is not necessarily my forte and I naturally don’t feel comfortable writing about such topics. Sure, I can style clothes well, but I am no fashion blogger, no siree.

I recently walked for local and indie fashion designer Niki Kangas at Sacramento News and Review’s Third Saturday event. It was the first time I’ve ever walked for a show and since I am no model (I only do it for those I know and politely ask), it could have easily been nerve-wracking. The other models were, I’m sure, seasoned pros, who used jargon such as “Model Mayhem.” Do I have a Model Mayhem? No. Do I plan to get one? Probably not. Although I felt like a rookie,  I appreciated the work and talent that Niki put into the clothes and show.

Her clothes have a care-free and vintage feel to it with interesting patterns.

Her line is Junkyard Buccaneer and her Etsy is here.

Sacramento Press here.

Anyways, thanks to the readers out there. I’m honestly surprised to see that we actually have readers or an audience. But I’m honestly grateful, too.


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Beauty, Shmeauty.

Growing up in the suburbs and going through my high school and post-high school experiences as a non-white-skinned, black-haired, almond-shaped tear drop eyed girl, my experiences and observations forced me to conjure up this image of beauty: blonde or brown hair, blue eyes, tall stature, skinny waist, toned abs, nice ass, bit tits, big lips, and tan skin (horribly, horribly fake tan skin). This left nearly no room for me in this definition of “beauty” and it was a bit discouraging at times and yes, it still can be. I had grown sick and tired of having solely Asian guys getting at me, and Asian guys who solely liked white girls. If you scan through your local magazine stand, all your “it-girls” and icons are almost identical. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made it a long way since the 1950’s, but let’s be honest. Our image of beauty still stands somewhat close to that same standard.

Just the other day, Daniel had emailed me Photographer Terry Richardson’s blog and website, urging me to look at the pictures. Of course I was impressed and of course I liked the photos. I looked through Terry’s Diary ,  hoping to find inspiration, but after a while I found it tough. Why? Click on the link yourself, and what do you notice?

Don’t get me wrong; the pictures and models are beautiful in its own right. But honestly, I grew sick  and a tad annoyed of skimming through the same hipster-looking, light-eyed, heroine-chic, partially undressed, waif girls.  I think most of us can agree this is the “newer” trend of beauty.

When I went on vacation (refer to previous post below), I immediately noticed how their differences image of beauty. I bought a couple magazines just for keepsakes that were akin to Seventeen, Marie Claire, Vogue, etc. Interestingly yet obviously enough, I found myself relating a lot more the contents of the magazines a lot more. Of course, the skinny figure will always be “in,” but it was refreshing to see something different, for once.

So what is beauty, anyways? What do you think?


P.S White boys with yellow fever, I applaud you.


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The Motherland

I’m not gonna lie. I was a bit reluctant and hesitant to take a 2 and a half week trip across the globe. The long hours on the plane, the hot, sticky, and humid air, and the partial language barrier were a few of the many things I loathed.

Who would have thought 2 and a half weeks later, as I was leaving Manila on my flight to SFO, I would have felt practically heartbroken to leave? I would miss the hospitality. I would miss my Mom’s little hometown. I would miss sleeping at my Dad’s childhood house. I would miss the hilarious little girl who only spoke Tagalog and attempted to speak Tag-lish with us. I would miss hearing stories about my parents.

You don’t really realize how “American” you are until you are removed from your comfort zone. What ever happened to hospitality? Respect? Family values? When did life become all about “What am I going to do tonight?” Don’t get me wrong, I know I’ve become a victim to this thought process. I think we all have. To be honest, I learned moreso how to appreciate those things than the culture itself.

So, what I’m really trying to say is… in similar words of my Cultural Geography professor Craig Davis: All you heathens should go visit a developing or third-world country and quit worrying about petty things like what party to go to.


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