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Summer 2010: A New Chapter

Summer 2010, for me, is different. It’s not the season that marks a new chapter, but the changes that came along with it that. Exactly a year ago I was going through major changes as well: moving cities, making decisions, attempting to shape my future. I remember listening to The Real Tuesday Weld’s “Last Words,” Priscilla Ahn, Meg and Dia, The Shins and reliving all these memories of when I would listen to those songs on repeat. As nostalgic as I felt, I was excited. Change was good.

Change can either be exciting or scary.  As human beings and especially in this society, we are constantly trying to control things. We buy creams to control old age. We constantly plan to control the future. We buy birth control pills to control our periods. We get upset when we can’t control the way other people are. When were not in control of things, we freak out. Sometimes, we can’t admit that there are some parts of our life that we will never be able to change. Call it fate. Call it God’s will. Call it providence. Call it karma.

I know for a fact that this upcoming year will bring dramatic changes. 2011 is going to be another turning point and hopefully there will be some surprising  news to bring. I am scared shitless. I feel sad sometimes, so I cry. I am so anxious to the point that I can’t concentrate. I become nostalgic as I look at pictures from last year . But oddly enough, I feel refreshed. I feel humbled. It’s refreshing to feel all these emotions. I have never felt so alive. I have never felt so human.

Now it’s time to pack my bags again, make new playlists to listen to, new memories to look back at, weed out the past, and look towards to future. For now, it’s all unwritten.



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Spring look.

Daniel and I decided to take pictures one day since it was sunny outside. Here’s some of pictures we took at the beginning of spring.

I bought some Old Lady trousers at a thrift store and finally found some ways to utilize it. I rolled up the pant legs so that it wouldn’t look too outdated. And I tucked in my floral shirt and added a belt to accentuate my natural waste.

I found these bad boys at a thrift store too. I like how it’s similar to the band-jacket/Michael Jackson look that’s been recently trending. It looks like it could be on the runways of Balmain. I think I may be selling them too.


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This school semester, I decided to start officially writing again by becoming a writer/reporter for the Sacramento City College Express newspaper. This was the first time that I have written for an official publication, disregarding the fact that I’ve written for my mediocre high school newspaper a couple of years ago.

I signed up not knowing that this class would be the most time-consuming and difficult. I didn’t know what a good “lead” was. I didn’t know that there were real deadlines. I had no clue how to interview strangers. I was a straight-up rookie. I still am a rookie.

Nonetheless, I learned so much within the past couple months about journalism in general and what it takes to be a good reporter. The supervisors for the paper urged me to apply for editor next semester, but I had to turn it down due to time conflicts and constraints. I plan to be an editor for the publication sometime, hopefully soon!

I’m grateful of everything I’ve learned and the guidance I’ve received from the supervisors and the editors I’ve worked with. I’m still new to it, but I’m excited to learn more about the field and hopefully gain more experience!

For our end of semester project, my classmates and I were required to make an online compilation of our work in a blog. With the rising reliance on technology and mainly computers, it’s no surprise that employers now expect online portfolios or blogs. After all my hard work and time, I think it’s finally time to share with you guys my blog/writing portfolio: It’s all relatively new and there isn’t much. But it contains most of my published articles; I plan for it to grow, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also, for the summer, I will be starting my internship at Sacramento News and Review! So I will definitely incorporate some things I’m learning there and events I’m involved with in this blog.

In order to keep my writing/reporter skills sharp, I plan to interview people who Daniel and I find relative to this blog or people who I think I or any readers can learn from. I’ve already written a mental list in my mind of potential candidates and I’m very excited for you guys to read about them!

Thanks for reading, guys.


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