So, the third grade was as uneventful as the next. However, I didn’t know that that would be the year that I would meet one of the most influential people in my life today. She’s already said it all: the concerts, the rock music, the preteen shit. Today we laugh about that stuff, and it’s funny to see how we have grown from it. We are still friends for so many reasons; plus it’s hard to get rid of someone who shares the same thoughts, state of mind, and inside jokes.

We are all human, and it’s fine to appreciate and yearn for superficial things, but Jamie wants so much more out of life than a classy wardrobe and a kickass pair of boots. But when it comes to the exterior, she idolizes Rachael Bilson and can make thrifting a day long event. And as long as she doesn’t say it, everyone wants to be her friend. Haha. She is the epitome of the phrase “who’s that girl,” and my guy and lesbian friends cant get enough of her.

Regardless of what she says she is one of the most FACINATING people i know. A true INTELLECTUAL and has a mind beyond her years. She can tell me what shes thinking, and I’ll be blown away by the depth of her realizations. Only about two years ago did I realize what a brilliant writer she is, and she always has something good to say. I want to hear more. Hopes and dreams can only go so far, but with the brains on this one anything is possible.

Oh, Jamie. I’m glad you didnt become a dentist. Oh, and don’t make me sing.



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