At the early age of eight when I transferred to a new elementary school, I met Daniel. We didn’t become really good friends until we realized our preteen love for alternative punk music and rock concerts at the ages 12 and 13. Ever since then, we’ve remained best friends and here we are telling the world wide web of, well, ourselves.

Although he was hesitant to start, I suckered him into writing this blog with me for many reasons. Firstly, I didn’t want to have another personal and wishy-washy blog. Secondly, I always have the most engaging and sometimes outlandish conversations with him. And lastly, I feel like he is one of those underrated and overlooked individuals. He is artistically and visually inclined, knows more about the entire fashion industry than any person I know, can spark up the most interesting ideas, compositions, and conversations, and is not an average 20 year old guy. I know you might think that saying he is “fashionable” and “artistically inclined” is an overstatement, especially in the blogging world, but let me put things into perspective for you.

It’s safe to say that without Daniel, I would not know the likes of  Raquel Zimmerman, Liu Wen, and Coco Rocha are. I wouldn’t have been exposed to videos on Modtv, information on Fashionologie.com and Models.com, and the runways of Balmain, Balenciaga, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. His expansive knowledge of the industry is insane. I mean sure, I love clothes and putting together outfits, but I know nothing compared to him. I am constantly learning new things and ideas from him and his value as an individual, to me, is unsurmountable. Rarely will you have a well-informed straight guy who knows as much as he does. I can only aspire to be as talented and knowledgeable as him.

I thought it would be a great idea to have a male writing about these topics. I’ve noticed that many blogs are targeted toward young women. How about the guys? This is the perfect opportunity for him to quit being an understatement .

I’m sure in no time, you all will thank my later for forcing him to write on this blog with me.



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