In the summer of 2007, I started my old blog in hopes of writing all my memories, thoughts, and experiences as I was spending a nearly-2 month vacation in Europe. I recorded nuances about my daily traveling, seemingly minor cultural differences, the hardships of being an American in a foreign place, and little life lessons I learned along the way. I ended up maintaining the blog  for the sake of writing because I genuinely enjoyed it. No, I didn’t post videos of Kanye’s new video or make-up tutorials or a myriad of pictures of myself. I was obsessed with writing and reading; I wrote in a journal religiously and read multiple books, sometimes twice. The blog was a silly little outlet for my writing.

I haven’t written a blog since the summer of 2009, read a book since last summer, and I rarely write in my journal anymore. My former blog, (, is no longer accessible since I locked it and forgot my own password; and with that said, this is my attempt to start blogging and writing again. I need a fix to my lack of creativity.

My close friend Daniel and I decided to write this blog for simple reasons. He, being a fine artist, an art major, and an avid fashion enthusiast, and I, writer-reader, journalism major, decided to create a blog together to collect our findings of our selves, inspirations, and influences .

I don’t know much, especially at such a tender age, but I am constantly learning.

We just want a blog to put down our ideas about things that are important to us–an outlet, I suppose.  There will be nothing about our personal lives; and what I mean by “personal” are the details of our lives that are unnecessary and irrelevant to other people. No “cool” pictures of us at a party, no one-word blogs, no random picture blogs, no Myspace pictures of us with the header as a lyric from a song, no blogs solely for the purpose of stating a quote, and no blog solely for posting a YouTube video of some artist, no blogs about how awesome our weekend was, no blog about a daily rant or complaint, and no grammatically incorrect blogs. And not to undermine anyone who does so. I promise there will be full-on commentary and opinions on it if we do, say, post a random video.

We’ll keep it clean and honest. Read it and weep.


Keep your eyes peeled for my introduction of Dannyboy and his debut blog.


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