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So, the third grade was as uneventful as the next. However, I didn’t know that that would be the year that I would meet one of the most influential people in my life today. She’s already said it all: the concerts, the rock music, the preteen shit. Today we laugh about that stuff, and it’s funny to see how we have grown from it. We are still friends for so many reasons; plus it’s hard to get rid of someone who shares the same thoughts, state of mind, and inside jokes.

We are all human, and it’s fine to appreciate and yearn for superficial things, but Jamie wants so much more out of life than a classy wardrobe and a kickass pair of boots. But when it comes to the exterior, she idolizes Rachael Bilson and can make thrifting a day long event. And as long as she doesn’t say it, everyone wants to be her friend. Haha. She is the epitome of the phrase “who’s that girl,” and my guy and lesbian friends cant get enough of her.

Regardless of what she says she is one of the most FACINATING people i know. A true INTELLECTUAL and has a mind beyond her years. She can tell me what shes thinking, and I’ll be blown away by the depth of her realizations. Only about two years ago did I realize what a brilliant writer she is, and she always has something good to say. I want to hear more. Hopes and dreams can only go so far, but with the brains on this one anything is possible.

Oh, Jamie. I’m glad you didnt become a dentist. Oh, and don’t make me sing.



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The woman who gave me life.

My mother is your typical, loud-mouthed, Asian woman. She religiously shops at Ross, works as a full-time nurse, and tries to get almost anything–you name it–with a discount. As obnoxious and irritating she can be at times, I still love her. Just a couple months ago, I recently discovered some old, untouched photo albums in her closet. There she was–this 90 lb., fashionably-dressed young woman, smoking cigarettes, dancing with boys, hanging out with friends, and drinking wine. Out of all this, the biggest surprise–for me–was her wardrobe. My mom is not the type of person to shop. She wears frumpy clothes, chooses “comfortable clothes” over anything, and won’t buy a shirt for more than 5 dollars.

But my mom in these pictures were a different story. I envied her. I saw myself in her.Why? Not only because we look identical (despite the fact that I am a good 3-4 inches taller than her), but also because her style is something I’ve always wanted to emulate: timeless, fun, and classic. When I saw these pictures I immediately asked if she had any of these clothes stowed away in boxes. Unfortunately, most of them are all gone, but I managed to find a few things she still had: a rabbit fur coat, a few vintage sweaters, a fitted petite-sized blazer, some heels (2 sizes too small), and a pair of boots.

One thing I also enjoyed about browsing through the albums was seeing how her style progressed throughout the years In her photos taken throughout the ’70s, she rocked the bell bottoms, interesting floral patterns, and huge sunglasses. She went from mullet-inspired hair, to short bobbed hair, to crazy jerry curls, to huge ’90s hair.

Her styling to me, was impeccable. The details of her outfit, from red shoes, to a little gold belt around her waste, to a sash around her waste, pulled everything together. I wonder if everyone in her time period dressed this hip. Or if she was considered a very well-dressed young woman? Or if she was considered a poorly-dressed young woman? One thing I do know is that the pieces she wore definitely are making come-backs. I can look at some of these pieces and think, “that looks exactly like a dress I saw at _________.” But better, of course.

More pictures:

My mom traveling in Europe. She used to work as a nurse in Austria and you can definitely see how her style changed by living there.

One of my favorite outfits for several reasons–the chiffon-looking blouse, the styling of the belt around her waste, and the shape of those shoes.

I found that coat she’s wearing in her closet. I love it, but since it’s not faux fur, I feel guilty for wearing it.

Check out that hair. Haha. I like how she accentuates her natural waste by putting that gold belt around the over-sized shirt. I found that belt hiding in her closet as well.

I have a lot more pictures that I want to show you guys, but some of them are too small. I’m going to have to re-scan them and I’ll look for more pictures in her old photo albums

But to end things, here’s a Polaroid picture of my momma.


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At the early age of eight when I transferred to a new elementary school, I met Daniel. We didn’t become really good friends until we realized our preteen love for alternative punk music and rock concerts at the ages 12 and 13. Ever since then, we’ve remained best friends and here we are telling the world wide web of, well, ourselves.

Although he was hesitant to start, I suckered him into writing this blog with me for many reasons. Firstly, I didn’t want to have another personal and wishy-washy blog. Secondly, I always have the most engaging and sometimes outlandish conversations with him. And lastly, I feel like he is one of those underrated and overlooked individuals. He is artistically and visually inclined, knows more about the entire fashion industry than any person I know, can spark up the most interesting ideas, compositions, and conversations, and is not an average 20 year old guy. I know you might think that saying he is “fashionable” and “artistically inclined” is an overstatement, especially in the blogging world, but let me put things into perspective for you.

It’s safe to say that without Daniel, I would not know the likes of  Raquel Zimmerman, Liu Wen, and Coco Rocha are. I wouldn’t have been exposed to videos on Modtv, information on and, and the runways of Balmain, Balenciaga, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. His expansive knowledge of the industry is insane. I mean sure, I love clothes and putting together outfits, but I know nothing compared to him. I am constantly learning new things and ideas from him and his value as an individual, to me, is unsurmountable. Rarely will you have a well-informed straight guy who knows as much as he does. I can only aspire to be as talented and knowledgeable as him.

I thought it would be a great idea to have a male writing about these topics. I’ve noticed that many blogs are targeted toward young women. How about the guys? This is the perfect opportunity for him to quit being an understatement .

I’m sure in no time, you all will thank my later for forcing him to write on this blog with me.


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In the summer of 2007, I started my old blog in hopes of writing all my memories, thoughts, and experiences as I was spending a nearly-2 month vacation in Europe. I recorded nuances about my daily traveling, seemingly minor cultural differences, the hardships of being an American in a foreign place, and little life lessons I learned along the way. I ended up maintaining the blog  for the sake of writing because I genuinely enjoyed it. No, I didn’t post videos of Kanye’s new video or make-up tutorials or a myriad of pictures of myself. I was obsessed with writing and reading; I wrote in a journal religiously and read multiple books, sometimes twice. The blog was a silly little outlet for my writing.

I haven’t written a blog since the summer of 2009, read a book since last summer, and I rarely write in my journal anymore. My former blog, (, is no longer accessible since I locked it and forgot my own password; and with that said, this is my attempt to start blogging and writing again. I need a fix to my lack of creativity.

My close friend Daniel and I decided to write this blog for simple reasons. He, being a fine artist, an art major, and an avid fashion enthusiast, and I, writer-reader, journalism major, decided to create a blog together to collect our findings of our selves, inspirations, and influences .

I don’t know much, especially at such a tender age, but I am constantly learning.

We just want a blog to put down our ideas about things that are important to us–an outlet, I suppose.  There will be nothing about our personal lives; and what I mean by “personal” are the details of our lives that are unnecessary and irrelevant to other people. No “cool” pictures of us at a party, no one-word blogs, no random picture blogs, no Myspace pictures of us with the header as a lyric from a song, no blogs solely for the purpose of stating a quote, and no blog solely for posting a YouTube video of some artist, no blogs about how awesome our weekend was, no blog about a daily rant or complaint, and no grammatically incorrect blogs. And not to undermine anyone who does so. I promise there will be full-on commentary and opinions on it if we do, say, post a random video.

We’ll keep it clean and honest. Read it and weep.


Keep your eyes peeled for my introduction of Dannyboy and his debut blog.

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